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August 21, 2018
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Success Squared with Gary Vaynerchuk and Friends

It’s a cold and misty morning Sydney and this American is on her way to see Gary Vaynerchuk. Bought my Success Squared Diamond pass months ago and have been looking forward to finally being able to see Gary in person. The crowd is slow to wake up, but today’s MC manages to get everyone standing, high fiving, and talking to their neighbors. He sets the stage on how to actively participate and consume all the information that is about to be thrown at you.

First knowledge drop of the day, “Knowledge doesn’t mean anything until you make the decision to take action.” We can do all the research in the world, watch as many webinars and go to all the seminars; however, what good does that do unless you are going to take some action and put that knowledge to use. Not only is it about a decision to take action, but I think you also have to be smart when it comes to understanding your capacity of what you are actually capable of digesting and taking action.

This was the next very important knowledge drop. The analogy goes, what does a balloon do when you blow it up? It gets bigger, but what happens when you fill it with too much air? It explodes. Therefore, it is important for you to understand what our capacity is and what you are capable doing efficiently and effectively. I don’t know about you, but in some instances I find myself googling the crap out of topics to the point where I’ve now consumed so much information that I find it difficult to make a decision. However, I know I need to make a decision and cannot be afraid of failure. You guessed it- next tip that I’m sure we’ve all heard at some point in our lifetime. The greatest times of growth is through our failures. Learning from our failures is one component of the many needed to become successful.

In the flower analogy below, our MC simplifies what it takes to achieve success.


A flower needs a combination of different elements to become what it was predestined to become. If it only got sunlight or just water, then it would just die. Humans and their ability to achieve success doing what they were destined to do is all dependent on having the right elements activated at the right time. Sometimes we just don’t know what exactly all those elements are and we may need a little help from others. Whether it be your manager, a life coach, friends, books, or a counselor- we could all use that help to push us to the next level.

There’s a shift in energy and everyone is ready to go. First up, Janine Allis, Founder of Boost Juice- Australia’s version of Jamba Juice. Started just a decade after Jamba Juice in 2000, Boost Juice has become a multi-million dollar company with over 467+ stores worldwide. We learn about the upbringing of Janine, where women were taught to be a follower and not a leader.

As she guides us through changes over the decades and the rise of empowered women using her own personal success, she says something that catches me off guard. “We think we are superwomen but we ain’t. We need a support system.”

Now to add a little more context to the conversation. Janine was discussing the importance of having a support system. That you need to ensure that the people you have in your life align with where you are going. I would take that a bit further and say you need to have people in your life that share the same attitude, beliefs and aspirations. I think a fellow attendee tweeted the best response to the initial quote I tweeted.

It is all about the company you keep. Your success is also about how you value your customer. Janine proceeds to talk about her 8 tips success and as she goes through the list she talks about learning from your customers and failures. A few of these I found a little helpful and reconfirmed areas that I already knew like embracing change. As the saying goes, “the only thing constant is change”. Therefore, your ability to adapt to change is fundamental to your success. Yes, the consumer is changing thanks to technological advancements that have evolved goods and services. Once again I found myself a bit perplexed on her perspective of the evolving consumer and how they felt about privacy.

She went on to say that, consumers don’t care about the information that is shared with businesses. The basis of her statement was when a consumer wants to register or log into a site and they prefer to use Facebook log in versus manually typing in other details like email to create an account. I think this statement is very dangerous, especially as someone in the digital marketing field and needs clarification.

First, I believe that there may be generational differences around what people are willing to share. For instance, my baby boomer mom will not use social login on other sites because she’s very cautious about exposing her information and honestly isn’t aware of what settings she can put in place to protect herself. Whereas, being a millennial myself, I enjoy the ease of using social login and am more comfortable with connecting my accounts. The key here is that I also know what I’m sharing because I’ve adjusted my privacy settings, which leads me to my next point. Secondly, I don’t think a lot of people don’t realize the information that they are sharing when using a social platform to create a new account with another business. I’ve tried to help my mom with her privacy settings, but she’s more comfortable directly providing her details and honestly couldn’t be to bothered with adjusting her settings again. Another scenario, is that the consumer, like myself, is aware and have adjusted their privacy settings on those accounts, which allow them to control what information is actually shared. Therefore, you might see higher registrations using Facebook / Twitter login versus people manually entering those fields.

As harsh as this might sound, during this session I found that there probably needs to be more emphasis on her tip 1: Always be a student. I found this session to be a bit contradictory especially when making such bold statements without clarification or adding more context around the areas that were being discussed. Not sure if most attendees were aware of this, as I’m making the assumption that not everyone in there has my background or experience in digital marketing. That being said, I think one major takeaway that most people probably didn’t walk away with, is her ability to take a product and make it her own within her region.

If you look at Boost Juice, there are similarities to another well known brand (well to those in the states), and that’s Jamba Juice. I’ll be very transparent here. I’m not aware of Jamba Juices expansion strategy for Australia market or how Boost Juice came about. The interesting here is that Boost Juice capitalized on a health trend that was happening in the U.S. and was able to successfully launch in Australia. My takeaway is as an entrepreneur it is important to do your market research and make sure you don’t just limit yourself to what is happening in your region. If you are planning to have a global brand then you must think globally from the start. That being said, branding is a great way of differentiating yourself and our next speaker has mastered this.

Well known success coach, JT Foxx, bombarded the stage in all his glory. Touting his success and network of celebrities. You know the 80/20 rule? Well this was more of a 90/10 split on sales pitch to adding actual value. His great moments consisted of the following advice:

The rest was all about how he can get me to interview John Travolta in a year and over 100 case studies on how he made others millionaires. The funny thing is that he touted authenticity but the more he spoke the less authentic I found him to be.

He’s doing something right but I guess his style just isn’t for me. I didn’t feel empowered but more agitated. I really wanted him to focus more on tips / how tos or taking the ‘scripted’ case studies that walked on stage to take off their business jackets and get real. Talk about the nitty gritty- the failures, the challenges and what kept them going. I’m sure if JT reads this he would just call me another hater. Instead, I hope he takes this as a teaching moment from a failure. I’m more suspicious of you and what your brand stands for. More power to you for gracing the cover of Fast Company and shaking the hand of Al Pacino. You are a power connector with a great, no fuss, tell you how it is approach. I can actually relate to these attributes. However, I had to leave with twenty minutes left. I could not take the ongoing pitch that was simply doing my head in.

Well the day is half way through and there’s still a few more sessions until Gary Vee graces the stage. So far, I wish there was more of an emphasis on tips, resources, guides, failures, challenges, etc. I left JT Foxx session asking the following:

I’m still hoping for things to change up in the sessions ahead. Stay tuned for part 2 of my review on Success Squared with Gary Vee. In the meantime, comment below or tweet me your thoughts @Pegahkamal.

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